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Seafoodia Natural Ingredients is widely recognized for its knowledge & expertise in sourcing, selecting and processing fish & algae. A dedicated team is available at all times to respond to your needs.
It commercializes Omega-3 products and represents 10% of this market worldwide.
Seafoodia Natural Ingredients is also seeking to change the world, by finding sustainable alternatives for feed additives.
Seafoodia Natural Ingredients distributes micro-algae with a high DHA content worldwide, to provide a better feed additive for animals and farmed fish ensuring better health, while protecting the planet.


The circular economy creates a virtuous loop that combines ecology and economy. Its aim is to transform all waste into resources. This is why we are committed to offer you products based on the circular economy with our MarinTrust certified fish oils and fishmeals from integrated fishing. To do this, we use 100% trimmings from the canning process.

A dedicated team is available to answer your questions.

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