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Our Certifications

IFS Broker

The n°1 quality standard that ensures product quality and safety for importers and trading agencies.
Certificate n° : 505519K


The MSC label applies to wild fish or seafood from fisheries that have been certified as sustainable, according to the MSC standard. This label ensures the conservation of the marine environment, the sustainability of fish stocks and the effective and sustainable management of fisheries.
Certificate n° : MSC-C-52476


The ASC label guarantees our customers a sustainable management of our sectors as well as a controlled impact on ecosystems. ASC’s standards help to protect people and the environment, and they are focused on ensuring the sustainability of the aquaculture industry.


IFFO RS certification is the global standard for responsible supply for fish oil and fish meals.

Friend of the Sea

In order to ensure the prosperity of ecosystems and continued fishing, Friend of the Sea promotes selective fishing, which is non-destructive of marine habitats. The certification organization ensures environmental impact control and the social responsibility of those acting in the fishing sector.


EcoVadis is a platform for rating the social and environmental performance of global supply chains. Seafoodia has obtained Silver certification, which places it in the Top 25% of social and environmental companies.

Certification Bio

Organic certification highlights a mode of production, breeding and processing, according to precise specifications, advocating practices that respect the environment.
Certificate n° : FR-BIO-01


COSMOS certification is an international reference for organic and natural cosmetics that guarantees production and processing processes that respect the environment and human health, a responsible use of natural resources and the absence of petrochemical ingredients and GMOs.

SEAFOODIA is certified COSMOS by ECOCERT for our organic vegetable oils (Organic Argan Oil and Organic deodorized Argan Oil).

We are members of

Nous sommes membres de l’IFFO, organisme de représentation et de promotion des industries d’huile de poisson et farine de poisson.
IFFO promeut “The Global Standard for Responsible Supply (IFFO RS)” unique programme de certification mondiale pour l’huile et la farine de poisson, en faisant ainsi un référentiel universel de qualité.

Nous sommes fiers d’être membres du GOED qui se concentre sur la croissance des marchés des produits EPA et DHA. L’Organisation mondiale pour l’EPA et de DHA oméga-3 (GOED) est une organisation dirigée par ses adhérents.
En adhérant à cet association, Seafoodia assure le respects des standards internationaux pour la production, la négoce, le transport et le stockage des huiles et graisses marines.
En tant que partisans d’une pêche légale et durable de la légine, Seafoodia est fier d’être membre de la ‘’Coalition of Legal Toothfish Operators’’.