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Quality and traceability

At Seafoodia, quality is the heart of our business.

Amongst our priorities:

  • Conditions of capture
  • Careful selection of fishing vessels
  • Period between retrieval from water and freezing
  • Processing expertise
  • Supply chain expertise
  • Frequency of our internal checks
  • The traceability of our products

We choose species whose stocks are comercially exploitable, we respect sexual maturity sizes and the natural cycles of reproduction, in order to ensure the replenishment of species on whom our trade depends.


1. Up to 3 inspections per container.

2. Increased monitoring frequency for:

  • New production sites
  • Identification of incidents related to processing faults

3. A strict inspection procedure:

  • Traceability of raw materials
  • Monitoring of raw materials suppliers
  • Inspection programme during processing
  • Stringent testing of finished product (physicochemical, bacterial and contaminants)
  • Inspection at despatch
  • Inspection at destination

In guaranteeing our quality processes, I ensure our supply chain providers follow the right hygiene procedures and the conformity of imported products by over-compensating and going beyond industry rules and health guidelines.

We constantly work to improve our systems by defining areas we can be better and setting firm deadlines to act upon them.   

Sebastien GAUTEY
Quality Manager