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Fishing areas

FAO18 - Artic sea

FAO21 - Atlantic, Northwest

FAO27 - Atlantic, Northeast

FAO31 - Atlantic, Western Central

FAO34 - Atlantic, Eastern Central

FAO37 - Mediterranean Sea

FAO41 - Atlantic, Southwest

FAO47 - Atlantic, Southeast

FAO48 - Atlantic, Antartic

FAO51 - Indian Ocean, Western

FAO57 - Indian Ocean, Eastern

FAO58 - Indian Ocean, Antartic and Southern

FAO61 - Pacific, Northwest

FAO67 - Pacific, Northeast

FAO71 - Pacific, Ouest Central

FAO77 - Pacific, Central and Eastern

FAO71 - Pacific, Western

FAO87 - Pacifique, Southeast

FAO88 - Pacific, Antartic

Fishing areas are defined by the FAO, the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations. The 19 maritime fishing areas serve to enable us to monitor fishing on a global scale, and is the basis of governance in the fishing world, for the members of the FAO.

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