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Standards and certifications


IFS Broker was created to ensure the safety and quality of products filling the gap between production and distribution.

The standard checks the engaged parties to ensure that they have implemented appropriate measures in their service so that their suppliers operate in accordance with product safety and quality requirements. Brokers and importers must also monitor their supplier’s compliance with these issues so that supplied products meet regulatory and contractual specifications.

This certification officially recognizes Seafoodia's commitment to provide the highest quality products to our customers.

Code number of certification : 505519K

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seafoodexport certification msc

The Marine stewardship Council's vision is a world where the oceans are brimming with life and replenishment of fish stocks are guaranteed for this generation and those that follow.

The MSC's mission is to use its label and fishery certification programme to improve the health of our oceans, by recognising and rewarding sustainable practises and guiding consumer choices.

In this capacity, at Seafoodia, we participate in replenishment of the species, notably thanks to the development of biodegradable lobster traps for our Prince Edward Island lobster sector.

An opening has been designed in order that smaller specimens are able to escape. In this manner only sexually mature specimens are captured. Furthermore, a biodegradable cord stops the cage from capturing any more lobster after 65 days underwater, eliminating any chance of ghost fishing.

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The ASC is a non-profit organisation that manages the world’s leading certification and labelling programme for responsible aquaculture.

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Seafoodexport certification IFFO RS

IFFO RS certification is the global standard for responsible supply for fish oil and fish meals.

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Friend of the Sea

Seafoodexport certification GMP+

The chief goal of Friends of the Sea is sustainable development. This is particularly important, since our oceans represent an important source of biodiversity, and the principe food source for 2.5 billion people. Furthermore, the oceans contain 97% or the world's water and act as biofilters by absorbing up to 30% of our CO2 emissions.

In order to ensure the prosperity of these ecosystems and continued fishing, Friends of the Sea promote selective fishing, which is non-destructive of marine habitats. The certification organisation ensures environmental impact control and the social responsibility of those acting in the fishing sector.

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Organic certification highlights a mode of production, breeding and processing according to specific specifications advocating practices that respect the environment.

SEAFOODIA ensures through a BIO certification, a supply chain having integrated these approaches.

Code number of the certifying body: FR-BIO-01

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We are members of IFFO, international ‘not for profit’ organisation that represents and promotes the fishmeal, fish oil and wider marine ingredients industry worldwide.

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Seafoodexport certification GMP+


The Global Organization for EPA and DHA Omega-3s (GOED) is a member-driven organization. We are represented in the board of directors comprised of Leadership Level members who are responsible for advancing GOED's mission.

GOED is A proactive and accountable association of the finest manufacturers, marketers, and supporters of EPA and DHA omega-3 fatty acids, working to educate consumers and work with government groups, the healthcare community and the industry, while setting high ethical and quality standards for our business sector.

Their Mission
To support GOED members who are committed to responsibly developing, sustaining and expanding markets for EPA & DHA Omega-3s, while promoting health benefits, supporting public education and safety, establishing ethical business and product quality standards, and advancing government, healthcare and industry relations.

The roots of GOED go back to 2000 when the industry collaborated to petition the US Food and Drug Administration to establish a heart disease risk reduction claim for omega-3s. The companies involved later formalized the relationship by forming the Omega-3 Working Group at the Council for Responsible Nutrition and collaborating again to develop what is now known as the GOED Voluntary Monograph. In 2006, when the Working Group was dissolved, twelve of the companies banded together to found GOED with a strong mandate to grow their membership to represent all sections of the EPA and DHA market.

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FOSFA (Federation of Oils, Seed and Fat Association) represents an association of worldwide professionals establishing basic principles of the international trade of marine oils and fats. Currently, most of this sector's actors are members of FOSFA and is based on a common reference system to optimize commercial exchanges.

By joining this association, Seafoodia ensures compliance with international standards for the production, trading, transport and storage of marine oils and fats.

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As supporters of sustainable and legal toothfish fisheries, Seafoodia are proud to be members of the “Coalition of Legal Toothfish Operators”.  Find out more

As supporters of sustainable and legal toothfish fisheries, Seafoodia are proud to be members of the “Coalition of Legal Toothfish Operators”.

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